The Artist

The artist: disciple, abundant, multiple, restless.
The true artist: capable, practising, skilful;
Maintains dialogue with his/her heart, meets things with her/his mind.

The true artist: draws out all things from his heart,
works with delight, makes things with calm, with sagacity,
works like a true Toltec, composes his/her objects, works dexterously,
arranges materials, adorns them, makes them adjust, invents.

The carrion artist: works at random, sneers at people,
makes things opaque, brushes across the surface of things,
works without care, defrauds people, is a thief.

– Toltec poem translated from the Spainish by Denise Levertov


3 responses to “The Artist

  1. Love this distinction!

  2. adore you perspective 🙂 great job 🙂

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