Technology and the Future of History

We can’t even begin to imagine the effect the mass media has on us, and what we will be in a hundred years. As a species we are mutating, mentally and emotionally because of all the technology around us. With TV, radio, wireless internet, mobile and handheld devices, satellites, etc etc imagine the amount of waves in the air, and going through us all the time. We eat, sleep and breathe in a world of invisible waves. Post 1800 the inventions and advances have come thick and fast. Besides changing history, we are changing the whole way history has been recorded.


In five hundred years, blogs will be effective records of our time, and people will be reading them as today we read cave paintings. Maybe in the future history will be much clearer. Today historians spend much time and effort and in interpreting paintings, carvings, or texts, pondering over the mysteries of ancient civilizations, but in the future that won’t really be a problem because everything we do now is digitally recorded, on the web, or through video or photographs. So the history of the future won’t be much of a mystery. But data-storage sure is going to be an issue 😉


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