Brain transfer


A friend designed several interesting posters in quick succession today. Another friend exclaims, “How do you think so fast! Please give me your brains.” Then she mimicked putting a straw to the former classmate’s superior brains and drinking. This led me to wonder; what if we really could transfer our ‘brains’. There would be absolute chaos.

The human brain is in the head, but the mind is intangible, and can’t be quantified. It doesn’t occupy any physical space. This must be part of god’s unique design, because otherwise we might be capturing each other and doing ‘mind’ transplant surgeries to make ourselves more intelligent. It would be the ultimate case of resource exploitation. Any kind of genius would be in high demand. Probably her/his life would even be at risk. Medical science is advancing at the speed of light, but its definitely going to take time (thankfully) to figure out brain transplants.


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