7 responses to “India Post logo re-design

  1. i agree completely. dislike it myself–it speaks of nothing and tells us nothing about india post.



  3. It is not progress. the tick mark represents pegion (earlier pegions are used for sending letters). When achild draw a bird, just he is drawing a tick mark which looks like a flying bird.

    • you are right Satish ! that is the meaning of the tick mark.. it looks like a pigeon which was the very first means of long distance communication in the olden days.
      show some respect guys..!

  4. I send some document delhi to manali by normal post untill now not reach there pls let me know how many days wiil take I send on 6 july its 19 today send from badarpur delhi thanks

  5. New logo is definitely inferior than the old logo. Earlier during British rule Dak were delivered within 3 days. Now a days dak is not delivered even after 10 to 15 days.

  6. Haha, common I don’t think it’s that bad. In terms of recognizability, they’ve done a damn fine job. Even if i see those 3 yellow lines somehwere now, I will relate to indiapost instantly. And for me personally that logo seems trustworthy and something that you can rely on because of the strong commitment shown by red! It also reflects in the efficiency of the organisation. I’d give an 8.5/10 for the logo. Just because you have a point regarding the modernism of the logo. But then, I’d like to remind you about another important aspect of branding, that is the target audience. India post has about 1.55lakh post offices. (That makes it the most widely distributed postal network in the world).And in that about 90% of the offices are in rural areas. So I think it’s modern enough for the purpose. I think more than modernism functionality is important for any logo. So actually I’d give it a perfect 10!

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