Food of India

A friend showed me this food map of India and I really liked it. Made my mouth water. No food like Indian food.

food map of india

food map of india


6 responses to “Food of India

  1. Awsome map!

  2. very interestin and I would like to have this picture in an original if any possibilities.


  3. This image was mailed to me by a friend, and I have no idea where the original is from, or who has copyright over it.

    If you find out its original source, please let me know 🙂

  4. Hi – we are planning an event in July this year in North London. It is based on Hinduism and India.

    I was wondering if you could give us the contact/company who produced this graphic as we would like to use something like this at our event. I think it may have come from one of the popular broadsheets?

    Hope you can help.

    • Hello,

      Sorry for such a late reply. I don’t know the original source of this image. I have been trying to find out myself for a long time. It was mailed to me by a friend.
      If you are able to find out who the original creator was, please let me know.

      Thank you.

  5. Prashanta Das

    Indian Politician & Indian Food Both r funny

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