MoMA + design

I really experienced the value of design, and the importance of a designer when I visited the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. The museum is home to several pieces of modern art, and photography. The shop however, takes art to another level with its exquisitely designed books, knick-knacks, stationery, furniture, jewelery, accessories, and lighting. Each piece is functional, aesthetic, and simply unique. It is obvious that considerable thought has been given to each one, and much effort into it perfect production. It is amazing to see the products and ideas that can be inspired from paintings.

One of the more fascinating products is called liquid cardboard. It is a series of vases made out of paper in with a honeycomb structure. This allows the vase to collapse into itself and be reversed or molded into unusual shapes. Whoever feels that design is not art should visit this store. Here it is art and much more.


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