labour not-so-cheap

In India we have millions of people.  And i realise how many people we have only after coming to the US. Here, I hardly see any people on the roads, I mean even crowds are no where like in India. and so there arent that many people available for cheap labour like there are in India. Today, we went to a big stationery shop called staples. It has an in-house facility for paper cutting, printing, xerox etc. To cut 100 A4 sheets into half, it cost $6, while the price of that packet of paper was $4. hehe…

a lot of paper is used here, in packaging, and even in the kitchen. India is unfortunately going in the same direction. We need to reduce the amount of paper we use, and fast. People use tissues without thinking. Guys, its all TREES!

India needs to find its own path of progress, and not blindly follow the west, in their path of over-consumption. Sadly, Indians are fascinated by the ‘mall culture’ thats taking over the country, and are  more than happy to see all that choice on the shelves. Although its not reached the levels that it has in the west, it soon will. And in India it seems terribly wrong, when half the country is on the streets and doesnt have enough to eat.


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