The Good 50×70

the good 50×70 book

CO2 poster in the Good 50×70 book

This is the Good 50×70 book of the Triennale Di Milano, endorsed by ICOGRADA which I received after a long wait!! The CO2 poster is the second feature in the environmental damage category. I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the book, because not only is it the only proof that I entered the contest, and was one of the winners, but also because it is a fantastic publication.

In the book different people have given their views on ‘poster design’. Some felt it is dead, posters no longer do what they started out to do. They have become pieces of art and culture, they are no proactive elements that change the way people think and feel. Another expressed the view, that the poster will never die. It will always exist on the streets

Confucius said (in his time) that 2000 years hence there will only exist a language of signs and symbols. That gives the graphic designer a frighteningly important role!

Check out photos of the exhibition at:


2 responses to “The Good 50×70

  1. that sure is a great poster. i feel too that posters are not initialising change or action and have slipped into a sedentary role because of the way thay are used.

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