uprooted artist

Any artist needs his culture and community to flourish in. I recently saw some fantastic folk art of Madhya Pradesh. A good friend had four original hand-done pieces. She then related the story of how the artist went to Japan. He was a poor man, who spoke no English, let alone Japanese. He came from a small village in the interior. Well, some rich guy some where saw his work, fell in love with it (as anyone would), and next thing this guy was sent to Japan, where for the next 9-12 months he was supposed to work on a wall mural. At several points he expressed a desire to return home, as he was unhappy there. The people there politely pushed him to stay on and complete the wall. The poor man ultimately commited suicide in sheer frustration of feeling out of place, uprooted, in an alien language and culture.


2 responses to “uprooted artist

  1. nice little story that! 🙂

  2. oh??? 😦

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