the elephant

the elephant was none other than Sudhir Sharma, ex-NIdan, batchmate of Mr. Lopez, and founder of one of India’s oldest design studios, Elephant Desiign, located in my home town Pune. His take on life and work was different from Tony. His design firm was big, right form day one, and today they handle huge clients. Meeting two diverse personalities, one could imagine how their offices would be as well.

and if i had on office of my own, what would it be like. five years hence, whats the future of the office, maybe its virtual. maybe there no need for a physical office space. hopefully (considering present real estate prices i sure as hell hope so). maybe there could be a network of designers working together from all over the globe. maybe lots of designers will be able to work from home by then. who knows. hopefully all designers will be aware of sustainable development. thats definitely a cause for concern. even the kind of paper we decide to print a publication on can have long term implications which few designers are aware of. how is that paper/material made, is it polluting a river, or choking an indigenous community in the process of manufacture.  we are blissfully ignorant of the fact that even one seemingly small decision taken at our desks, can create havoc somewhere across the globe.


One response to “the elephant

  1. great post, amu. speaks a lot about how sensitive you are to environment and the future model for an office perhaps. 🙂

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