lopez and the elephant

a week with two visiting faculty was challenging and fun. anthony lopez was the first, for three days. the founder of Lopez Design, Delhi, tall, intelligent, nike-sporting, hilarious sums it up. we first had to write three words about him in the first few minutes of meeting him. then we had to ask people around campus to write three words about us. very interesting to see what people came up with. i was labelled shy by some which was unexpected. was fun to see how people perceived us. tony pointed out, that actually, people percieve us the way we want to be perceived. unconsciously, through the way we dress, act, talk, hairdo, etc, we build our brand. the course was an overview on branding.

next step was to pick up brand a product or service of our choice. i thought of numerous possibilites like vanilla ice-cream, mahatma gandhi, the prophet by kahlil gibran.but finally i settled on a typeface, good ol’ times new roman. i think this font has been largle igonored by designers who consider it a default, everyday kind of font. actually it is a super ‘workhorse’ font that can be utilised beautifully in design. my target group was design houses, publishing houses, design institutes, ad agencies. not an easy bunch of guys to convince,. i renamed the font TNR, a younger, easier name. unfortunately this project is still under progress, we could not complete it at that time. one of the challenges was that this font does not sit well on the screen. of how do i pitch it to designers? maybe it could be etched in to a tile, a letter a day. it could be used for signage perhaps.random thoughts these..i realised that branding is no joke. its much deeper than good-looking letters. tony mentioned that we have to think beyond what we see and experience today, because thats already passe. u saw it, its ancient history. think fresh, think new. ride the next wave.

design is of the people, for the people, by the people.

more on the elephant tomorrow..


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